Aidkit is a platform to efficiently distribute direct aid at scale to those in need. The platform covers the entire aid lifecycle from outreach to eligibility surveys to payment distribution.

To date, the platform has been used by eight different programs to distribute over $20 million to more than 15,000 individuals.

Key Features

Fully Configurable Grant Applications

Applications can be fully configured to match the grant requirements—with no additional development—using our Airtable-based tools to define what gets collected, by whom, and in what order.

Application Design in Airtable

The resulting application form generated by Aidkit

Document Collection

Aidkit allows the easy collection of documents over text message or via direct upload.

Uploading via direct text message

The uploaded image is shown in the screener's view of the application.

Built-in E-Signatures

If your organization needs applicants to sign a contract, the Aidkit can assemble a contract from inputs to the application and require that the appropriate parties sign it.

Aidkit's built-in e-signature interface.

The resulting signed PDF

Streamlined Payments

Aidkit supports a multitude of payment types: paper checks, ACH transfers and cash disbursement. Specific people in the organization can be granted the permission to approve a payment before it is disbursed. Where possible, failed payments are kicked back for handling by the appropriate person.