Our history so far...

Flooz began its journey in crypto as an experiment by our CEO Lamine Cheloufi (Flooz.Link / **LinkedIn** / Forbes 30 under 30) to understand the crypto-currency space and what it can offer the world, and this is where our token came from ($SYA).

Off the back of a successful launch we created the SYA Radar which is a tool where anyone can see the real-time statistics of any token they have bought. The radar received millions of hits due to the ability to outperform and show more accurate data than some of the biggest names in crypto such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

This is when Lamine knew this was a space he could use his extensive financial/fintech background building companies like N26 bank from start up and turning them into multi-billion USD companies, to revolutionize crypto by removing all of the pain points experienced daily with buying tokens. This is when the idea of Flooz was born, and we've not looked back since.

What is Flooz?

The Flooz eco-system consists of Flooz.Trade, a decentralized exchange that:

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<aside> 📰 In the news!

A nice little breakdown of Flooz Buzz and social trading:

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