TELLab is The Experiential Learning Laboratory, a web-based platform for teaching experimental psychology that enables students to create and run their own experiments. We will be making two different presentations, one covering the original TELLab system, which is in use by instructors today, and a separate presentation focused on TELLab2, the new replacement system that we are working on now and expect to have ready for use in the fall. We plan to keep the formal presentations to around 40 minutes, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion. All presentations will use the same Zoom link:

Session 1 (TELLab 1): Saturday, May 22, 8am EDT

Session 2 (TELLab 1): Sunday, May 23, 6pm EDT

Session 3 (TELLab 2): Monday, May 24, 8pm EDT

Session 4 (TELLab 2): Wednesday, May 26, 2:30pm EDT

Hope to see you there. Happy experimenting!