I've tested the accessibility of this site with the Windows Narrator and the WAVE accessibility evaluation tool. The Narrator tool accurately read the pages, including the image captions. The WAVE tool showed minimal accessibility issues, but it's not clear if WAVE could read the notion.so site entirely. Further testing the the JAWS reader is necessary.

For those who compare Check, Please! and Return to Enter, you'll note I've not used banner images in Notion as the software did not allow for captions or ALT text. Those wishing to export these pages to HTML may wish to add banners before exporting, and add ALT text to images after the export.

From the original Check, Please! accessibility page:

"Our accessibility approach is to write accessible pages in Notion (e.g. add descriptive image captions, use descriptive links) using standard Notion features, and for the vast majority of students — even those with accommodations — the live online version is the best experience. For students that require a downloadable offline version of the materials, we recommend HTML export as we've found the PDF export does not play well with screenreaders. (Seriously, do not post PDF exports if you have accessibility concerns)"