Final Results

🥇 — @Huddy Buddy#2722 🥈 — @Anikait_Gupta#4965 🥉 — @Will the seasoned#4038

4th, 5th — Kraz, LORDAM, MODhwacalvinriYBPv74M, TheEllipse, YourDad


Kraz vs HuddyBuddy (Group 68) by Kraz

Kraz vs YourDad (Group 66) by Kraz

Hwac vs Will (Group 63) by Hwac

For the first game I decided to go with vikings for whatever reason, BAD IDEA... This game did not go well for me. I didn't even get to use my catamaran before it got anihilated. And then came to coracle hunting... didn't find it :(

In the second gamer I decided to go with rouge, since Will chose R&S bafore I thought he might do the same for the second game, and i knew that rouge wasnt a bad fleet against R&S. He did choose R&S and the game began. I eventually located an killed all his ships besides the squid and coracle (coracle...). I found his squid but mislocated it by a tile and missed it, and... coracle hunting, I lost.

Hwac vs Thero (Group 57) by Hwac

I started off this second battle using S&R, my usual go to fleet. Thero also chose S&R so it was another same fleet battle. Already on my second shot I was in luck, with a Turtle shot perfectly revealing his whale :whale:. I next squid shot my first missed shot and it revealed nothing, when Thero revealing a tile fo my squid on my battlefield. My next shot was another tutle shot, i could have used whale... but i kinda forgot to, but this turtle shot was another lucky perfect shot revealing his turtle. This whole game went pretty slowly similar to the first one, but Thero surrendered at the end because he wouldn't be able to play for a few days.

TheEllipse vs SweetestPea (Group 22) by TheEllipse

This round was a Rogue V.S. Naval Intel. Because Naval Intel doesn’t directly counter Rogue, I felt quite good about this match. Sweetestpea quickly long subbed 3 corners before I took out his longboat. The next key moment was when I used my Octopus. I had found his longboat(or two different ships, which would’ve been better) with an Octo hit and took it out with my kayak. This was before the longboat nerf, which is why I focused on it. I quickly then found his whale, and took it out with my longboat. He then took out my longboat and mini-sub before I was able to find his Octo. During this time, I was 2x2 checkerboarding. My kayak, in the end, was what got me a 1 hit advantage. And so, I took out his Octo with 1 tile left on my kayak.

Hwac vs Thero (Group 57) by hwac

So for this first round it took... a long time... We never really managed to get a time to play at the same time until the very end. Anyways, I usually use S&R, but I decided to change it up a bit this time, I knew Rouge was a pretty good fleet too, with not too many weaknesses I know of, so I decided to go with it. When the battle started I saw the Thero also used Rouge, so it was Rouge v Rouge. After some back and forth playing it was a pretty close match but I managed to get an almost perfect kayak hit on Thero's kayak. The kayak has only one possible purmutation so it was a win for me. Before I could finish Thero, they pulled a white flag (surrendered). (At least I think thats what happened because I didn't hit the other part of the kayak.)