Description Metric Target Season 4 Season 5
Grow the 🕷 network Over the length of the season, we aim to increase the number of spiders we have in our network. This will enable us to cover a wider variety of guilds and projects for collaborating with for Edu workgroup to create edu content workshops. We need to expand that to project and also we need to see if having 2 spiders for a guild is better due to inactivity of people over time. Number of 🕷 s Each month, the number of 🕷s we have gathering information for edu guild should increase and expand to project and having more for each guild. 12 🕷 by end of S4 16 🕷 by end of S5
Number of promotion methods In addition to bringing information in to Edu Guild, our role is to push promotion OUT for upcoming workshops. We will leverage our growing 🕷 network to reach a wide variety within bDAO and even outside bDAO. Also an important thing is to see education opportunities outside of bDAO (reach out to other DAO’s) Number of promotion methods Each month, the number of methods of promotion used should increase or stay the same 3 Promotion method - twitter/discord/gm 3 promotion methods -maintain and develop this methods.
Number of edu knowledge sessions leveraged from 🕷 network We aim to leverage our human capital within the 🕷 network yet again to form partnerships with other guilds and projects for the Education workgroup to create education knowledge sessions from needs we identify. Number of knowledge sessions that come from partnerships we find via 🕷 network Each season, the number of knowledge sessions coming form the spider network should increase or stay the same. 1 - We have successfully bring to Education the knowledge session about 2

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