What is this program?

The Apprentice Program is an opt-in program to let Research Guild (RG) members upskill their knowledge while also letting role holders offload their responsibilities and build a bench of individuals to take on future responsibilities.

<aside> ❗ Imagine this: The RG Coordinator suddenly has to drop his/her responsibilities due to a personal crisis. If the Coordinator had not trained anyone in their tasks, what then?


How does the program work?

In a traditional centralized structure, a management figurehead may select someone to be their replacement or trainee. In the spirit of decentralization, this program is open for anyone to participate, as long as they have demonstrated some degree of involvement in the guild, such as:

<aside> ❗ To opt-in, you can select the Ops-Guild-Apprentice role in #Ops-Start-Here channel.


Once you’ve received the role, any role holder can tag this role and offer work, along with a bounty. For example, the Guild Coordinator might have an outstanding task to create a method for asynchronous guild updates, as the Writers Guild does. Instead of taking on additional work (especially if they are looking to transition out of the role), they can tag the Ops-Guild-Apprentice role and place a bounty.

Program Tracks

Member Care

South Wind

East Wind

Guild Care

North Wind

West Wind

Where does the $BANK come from?

The work offloaded to Apprentices should be incentivized. It’s possible that not all work will be incentivized, but in the spirit of being paid for providing value, Coordinape is made available.

As mentioned, this program will be used by role holders. As such, each role holder will have an apprentice bounty pool. A small % of their role salary will be given as a stipend to bounty out work. This stipend will account for the time the role holder will have to spend in training the apprentices, it’s not meant for role holders to offload their work and pocket their salary.