Proposal to create infrastructure for all the content produced across the DAO to be accessible via a single service that is easy to plug in anywhere (mentioned further as Content Gateway).

Title: Data Integration Infrastructure

Authors: @0xNSHuman

Squad: @0xNSHuman, @addamsson, @eddiekollar.

Date Created: 9/20/2021

Date Posted: 9/25/2021


In Season 1, BanklessDAO has proven to be an extremely resource-efficient entity, producing competitive products for the economy of the future, and a trusted source of knowledge for many to rely on when it comes to navigating the waters of the decentralized world.

Naturally, most of the projects that made this possible were autonomous to a large degree. This was an essential part of the evolution, and the fact that those teams of passionate individuals managed to organize their talent, find the product-market fit, and start shipping, amazed and inspired the next generation of the DAO newcomers such as myself.

We are now seeing the opportunity in Season 2 to have a brand new class of products emerged — those built on top of the existing progress, leveraging everything that's already being produced by the DAO and multiplying the value of these previously standalone products by having them all delivered to the users in one unified interface or/and ecosystem.

BanklessDAO mobile app concept proposed by @0xNSHuman

BanklessDAO mobile app concept proposed by @0xNSHuman

However, this evolution path presents new challenges for the organization, such as: