In Season 4, based on feedback from the DAO, Grants Committee rolled out a new project KPI procedure. You can read more about it on this forum post:

This document describes the current procedure.


Grants Lead - one of the two Grants Committee leads, elected by the Grants Committee

Grants Reviewer - a member of the Grants Committee who has been assigned to review a specific project


  1. Following the seasonal project/guild Snapshot, Grants Committee requests the full amount of project funding from the BanklessDAO Multisig to be held in the Grants Committee multisig
    1. Grants Committee immediately disburses 50% of funding to individual projects
  2. At the beginning of every season, one of the Grants Leads archives the old KPI measurement document and creates a new one
    1. Example: S4 Project KPI Measurements and S5 Project KPI Measurements
  3. Also at the beginning of the season, the Grants Lead also ensures every active project has a Grants Reviewer assigned:
  4. Grants Reviewers do the following for each project assigned to them:
    1. Ensure the KPIs for the previous season are filled in
    2. Work with the project champion in a thread under #grants-committee to define KPIs for the current season
    3. Record the KPIs in the current KPI measurement doc, along with the measurement at the beginning of the season
    4. Every month, prompt the project champion to report KPIs and record them in the KPI measurement document
  5. Mid-season, Grants Committee looks at the current KPI Measurements doc
    1. For projects that are up-to-date on KPI reports, Grants Committee disburses the remaining 50% of project funding. Projects that are not up-to-date will NOT have funding disbursed.
  6. For projects that are added/discussed mid-season asking for >100,000 BANKā€¦
    1. Grants Committee disburses 50% of funds up front and adds project KPIs to the seasonal KPI measurement doc
    2. Grants Committee disburses the remaining 50% after 6 weeks, assuming KPIs are up-to-date