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CS Ops - Start Here [DRAFT]

WorkGroups, WorkStreams, and WorkFlows [IN REVIEW]

[DRAFT PROPOSAL] Automated onboarding & role/skill mapping

Guide to Onboard New Contributors [DRAFT]

Community Tooling

Crypto Sapiens Discord Handbook

Website UX/UI Design Meeting Notes

CS Tooling Box (approved tools)

Tools To Test

Templates and Drafts


Default Page Layout [TEMPLATE 🚧]

Crypto Sapiens Notion Style Sheet [DRAFT]

Discord Databases (under construction)

Task & WG Coordination

Dework Process

Dework Process - Episode Progress Template

Project KPI Data

Tooling Guides

Collaborations Workstream

Product Development Workstream

Sponsorships and Client Services Workstream

Crypto Sapiens Finance & Accounting