This document aims to serve the purpose of having a smooth Onboarding Process for new members. It will cover:

  1. Mission of Marketing Guild

  2. Completion of New Member Form

  3. Onboarding Session in This Little Piggy, our voice channel

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  4. Understand the workflow > Miro Board + Content Creation + Campaign Tiers

  5. Marketing Guild First Quest

  6. POAP distribution

Completion of the New Member Form

Tally Forms

Onboarding Session

Once completed the form, the next step is the Onboarding Session with Talent Coordinator @Mag Ladroth, these sessions take place every Thursday at 4 pm UTC on the guild’s voice channel “This Little Piggy”.


Take your Marketing Guild First Quest

The Marketing First Quest consists of two main areas: 1) content creation or campaign creation and 2) engagement with our social media channels. Ultimately we are a media DAO, and our mission is to spread out the Bankless message… We’d love your help!

Content Creation

Create a marketing activity that can help spread awareness about BanklessDAO, our mission, and execute this through 3 different social media channels of your choice. This can be through your personal profiles or anon profiles, it should be created if not. Once done, provide the links as proof of execution, by sharing them in the #marketing-general channel.

Social Engagement

Interact and show some love to at least three of the following channels, according to your preferences:

The Talent Coordinator guides new contributors through this process.