Mission 🚀

Bankless Card will build easy-to-use tools to connect users with web3. Bankless Card will serve as a bridge between the IRL world and the crypto world—helping more users go from web3-curious to web3-native.

Vision 🔮

The vision of Bankless Card is for web3 to work as seamlessly in your every day life as swiping a credit card at the cash register.

Values ❤️

Bankless Card values transparency, work sustainability, empathy, community, decentralization, and building tools for the long term.

Brand statement: non-crypto native 🎨

Bankless Card provides a simple bridge into crypto to the creative community in a welcoming way with a compelling voice. The onramp helps them feel inspired and gives them access to more opportunity than they might’ve had in their creative work in the traditional space. X-factor: Knowledge of DAOs.

Brand statement: Bankless/general DAO community member 💻

Bankless Card provides a card and app to purchase and spend your DAO token to DAO contributors in a welcoming way with a compelling voice. The card and app help them feel inspired and give them access to opportunity they might’ve not had before the card. X-factor: Shared ownership.