I. Purpose

This Governance Framework provides guidance for Marketing Guild members regarding the organization and operations of the Guild, including the management of labor, and funding of projects within the Guild.

An ideal constitution features a version of separation of powers intended both to grant political primacy to evolved cultural rules and to limit the influence of groups that demand interference with competitive social processes.

Marketing Guild Mission

Our mission is to amplify the messages of BanklessDAO, by delivering creative Web3 marketing solutions to help BanklessDAO initiatives, partners, and clients get in front of the right people with the right message.

Marketing Guild Culture

The Marketing Guild seeks to foster a culture where creativity, experimentation, and play intersect to provide meaningful opportunities for our members to contribute to marketing services for BanklessDAO and external partners. The Guild will encourage and support members to build and contribute to projects that promote the DAO’s mission of onboarding 1 billion people to the Bankless ethos.

Marketing Guild Governance

Thoughtful governance means creating a flexible and secure framework that evolves as the Guild moves towards on-chain governance. A culture of experimentation and a marketplace of ideas is essential to ensure we continue to develop mechanisms for decision-making and task management. While we experiment and evolve, it is important we stay true and close to the BanklessDAO values and mission.

II. Guild Membership

Guild Entry

This section shall help new contributors to understand how they can get started after being onboarded to the guild, and also how to participate in the campaigns the Marketing Guild needs to deliver. To get started follow these steps:

  1. Get role at #role-select
  2. Introduce yourself in #marketing-general + provide links to previous work, including design or writing samples, your crypto Twitter or Linkedin profiles, or portfolio
  3. Have an Onboarding Session with the Talent Coordinator (meeting time can be found in the bDAO Discord calendar) or coordinate directly to set up a time that works for you. A membership form must be completed in this step for the guild’s database. Here you will share relevant information, Discord handle, Notion e-mail, past working experience, skills, and any other important information that can be useful during the onboarding process
  4. Once onboarded, proceed to the Marketing Guild’s First Quest