Furthering BanklessDAO's mission, the Bounty Board enables coordination between organizers and contributors.


Focusing on Quality first and white gloved approach to our Bounty Board service deployments.

Our deployment and support level is what is more important, than our current feature capability.

We have to be transparent, CARE and be proud of our work.


BB - Announcements

Info for Users

Useful Links

Bounty Board Website

#bb-general (for help, feedback, etc)

#bb-start-here (to get involved)

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Bounty Board Quick Start

Bounty Board Help

Bounty How To’s

Info for Squad

For a list of squad members, click here.

Product Links

πŸ“Asana Roadmap

Future MVP - Features

G2M: Product Launch Survey

πŸ₯³ Bounty Board Use Case Outreach

βš™ Bounty Board Outreach Strategy

πŸ’‘ Strategy Jam Doc

πŸ—Ί Roadmap Weighted Listing

Whimsical Wireframes



Client Deployment Playbook

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