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[AV Role holders sync 10/22/21](https://www.notion.so/AV-Role-holders-sync-10-22-21-4178d19a476b4559a489da2a3997c615)

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Create and curate media assets that directly support the broader mission of Bankless DAO.

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Education We're learning too. We learn by doing, we learn by teaching others.

Integrity Operate transparently, build trust through open collaboration.

Governance Best ideas win. Multiple ideas are good. Honest, constructive feedback is essential. You don't have to be in the guild to use created content, and you don't need permission. We share absolutely everything that is created for the DAO, and we encourage you to share your creations as well.

Culture Quickly move from idea to action and embrace risk. Push content relentlessly.

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If you add yourself via the sign-up form, please also post a comment in the AV Guild Discord especially if you are eager to get started right away!!

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