At the dawn of Web3.0, Treasureland built a web3 decentralized NFT transaction underlying protocol based on the 0x protocol to serve the Web3 NFT marketplace and Metaverse. Our mission is to build a collaborative and low-friction web3 decentralized web3 At the same time, third-party developers can build their own DApps on this basis so that developers can lower the development threshold and open up a decentralized NFT trading network.


🗼Global Offices

🏞 South Asia

<aside> 🌇 Singapore


🇨🇳 China

<aside> 🌇 Shanghai


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🍯 Employee Benefits

🎒 Health and Wellbeing

We offer one of the best working benefits, including health, and insurance.

🍹 Flexible Schedules & Remote-Work

We believe a flexible working schedule will allow all to work at their peak.

🏖️ Paid holidays

We have 15-day paid holidays every year. And we arrange 1-2 travels; sick time.

🍬 Education Assistance

You’ll have a chance to get a recap after the completion of a degree.

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