bDAO Survey Report 2022


We have designed a survey to understand all of us as a community & fam! At this point, we are looking for your feedback/thoughts on this.

🌐 Objective

This survey is to help collect information about varying backgrounds, experiences, and stories from the BanklessDAO to help guide our vision and strategy. Many of BanklessDAO clients and partners also want to understand our demographic.

  1. Everyone’s privacy is important to us, so everything in this survey is optional, if you don’t prefer to answer any question, then skip it.
  2. We aren’t collecting email addresses, this survey is anonymous.

Please fill out the survey and share any thoughts you have.

Since everyone’s DAO journey is different, it is better to get individuals’ thoughts on the questions that are applicable to each one of us - meaning each question is followed by another question based on your answer. So, please fill it out as it applies to you, as an individual and a crucial member of our DAO.😊

<aside> 💡 Here’s the link to the survey (open for feedback):


How can you share your feedback?

There are 3 ways you can provide your feedback as per your preference/convenience,

  1. Mention/comment it here on this document.