Fly through a starfield to find the person you've lost. Click to move your ship, avoid obstacles, and click on the beat to regain heal. Chill rhythm game. To advance dialogue, click the down arrow button or press spacebar.

Star-Cross Sonata is a rhythm/adventure game about a starship pilot searching for their long-lost lover.

Alongside members of the Sacramento Developers Collective, I brainstormed, pitched, and developed the rhythm/adventure game, Star-Crossed Sonata for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

I acted as the project manager and designed the narrative together with prettylowframerate. We used the following diversifiers (The Feels / Duetto / Games are for Everyone / Starlight) as our primary inspiration to complement the GGJ 2021 theme of "Lost and Found."

Together, we wrote about 100 lines of dialogue that featured a space captain and a researcher falling in love, losing each other, and then finally finding their way back together.

One programmer had the ingenious idea to use miscellaneous emoji art since we didn't have a dedicated object artist. Another member provided other object art, such as the parallax star background and the star objects on the ship's path.

The visual novel section. I asked for a variety of different types of inputs (such as name, dialogue, location, date) for our VN programmer to provide so I could plug that data into Yarn code. Our artist provided great static illustrations of our heroine and the researcher (labeled as "Captain" and "Dreamer" respectively).

<aside> 💫 Find your long-lost lover in Star-Crossed Sonata!


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