Yuvarathnaa by Hombale Films was the Kannada film industry’s big lockdown release featuring big names like Puneeth Kumar, Sayyeesha and Prakash Raj. If the movie was released in the theatres, this would have been one such movie that would have the fans screaming. Covid19 rained on the parade but Cope promised the fans will “Feel the power” with the help of AR.

Hombale Films

Industry: Film

Location: Bangalore

Key Metric 1

Launched South India’s first AR-enabled T-shirt

Key Metric 2

Release 3 AR filters with 520k+ impressions overall

Key Metric 3

Increased the page’s engagement by 180%

The Challenge

The audience missed the theatres. We can’t possibly bring theatres to everyone’s home. But surreal movie experiences? Guaranteed.

We just want the audience to be awestruck. Hey, if you don’t call that a challenge, we don’t know what will be.

The Approach

We started thinking, how will the audience celebrate the movie while they stay home? What other experiences can we give them so that they can cheer for their favourite star?

The Solution

What did we actually end up building, you ask? Here is how it went.

  1. India’s first AR-enabled T-shirt

We did get to the closest to real-life experience here, didn’t we? Puneeth Kumar might not jump out of the screen but the t-shirt art can definitely pop out virtually 😃

  1. Social media AR filters

Cheering from home just got easier and fancier. We deployed three filters on Instagram that the fans loved and hit 520k+ impressions overall becoming one of Hombale Films' best campaigns ever

The Results