Overview and Vision

We are Sovereign, a proprietary trading fund. We're building a unique approach to IP that enables individuals to retain full rights to the IP they create, ensuring value alignment between the individual and the company. Concretely, an individual will have the right to spin-off their IP into a separate company, of which Sovereign will have an option to acquire 20%.

This approach minimizes the need for conventional employment limitations and constraints, offering increased slack. Our goal is to assemble a team of high-variance individuals, affording them the time, freedom, and motivation to discover and attempt their visions.

In the context of financial markets, higher-variance can lead to extreme results—from wild successes to uninvestable failures. Assuming an exponential distribution of outcomes, the expectation of the process grows with its variance. Variance will grow when individuals are unconstrained.

This process also produces uncorrelated results, creating an ideal environment for debate in a field where intellectual honesty is a prerequisite. We aim to build a lab where diversity of ideas obtained through independant exploration leads to quality collaborations and discussions.

Role Summary: Portfolio Manager


Potential Projects: