Hello! We are a Stewarding Group that has formed with funding from Lankelly Chase, exploring Transformational Governance.


Our vision is of a society in which institutions and organisations are supported and held accountable by inclusive, open, transformational governance that invites change, redistributes power, and enables everyone to thrive.

In this live exploration we are:


We are opening 2 transformational governance learning offerings for 2023.

We are ready to prototype a resourced, facilitated learning process which will support a small cohort of participants to share and explore an area of common interest within transformational governance. In Autumn 2022 we invited expressions of interest from individuals, groups and organisations across the UK, which informed a common theme for our first cohort to explore: transforming and shifting power.

There is far more appetite for transformational governance support than we can currently cater for through our first learning cohort. So, we are also creating a wider and more informal learning space, the ‘Transformational Governance Community’ that you can join.

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Power Shift: learning cohort #1

The first Transformational Governance learning cohort, for organisations with live challenges relating to distributing or shifting power.

Please note applications were invited from those who previously submitted an expression of interest and the deadline has now passed.

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Transformational Governance Community

An online Slack space to connect, learn and further practice transformational governance approaches with others who are interested in this work.

We’ll be launching the Slack group in January 2023.

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Whilst we’re starting by prototyping our first learning cohort and setting up our Transformational Governance Community, our longer term ambition is a set of interconnected, resourced learning spaces that catalyse, deepen and sustain transformational governance practice. We aim for this growing network of transformational governance practitioners to necessarily make change at all layers of the ecosystem, building collective leverage to shift rules and norms from grassroots through to funding and regulatory bodies in the UK.