The opening page.

Initially, I want to present countries origin of the respondents. Here is the example of world map that I took from Google for illustration purpose (I will make another one by myself). I also want to highlight region where my respondents come from with bubble map technique (and also giving information about how many respondent from each country on the map)

At the top of the page, I planned to draw illustration to give a visual explanation of how those ethnics look like.

I might visualise the "Yes!" "Sometimes" and "Not following" in other ways.

Meat and rice pictures as an example of what the illustration would look like. Number three and four are sequentially coffee and juices, which contained coffee bean and fruits. I might process the data again later! Then I want to tell stories about Rice and Meat, and how they are often used as primary ingredients in the tradition of many culture.

Here, I want to highlight unique data samples of local cuisines from respondents and tell a little story about each of them, especially their origin and ingredients. The purple circles are intended to be country flags. This section is also a bridge to the next section.

Next, we arrive at a whole new section!

I intended to make an illustration of buildings in a multicultural city—and how it is common for them to be seen anywhere around the world now.

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