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Hi, I'm Brian, co-founder & CTO of Chameleon. I lead all things technical and am looking to expand our distributed engineering team 👋🏻 🗺 💻

This is me, last summer, working in the garden of my backyard in Encinitas CA. I often find myself moving around the house through the day and enjoy taking meetings in a hammock.


This is Ruby, named after Ruby on Rails and Chameleon's third co-founder (unofficial)

We started Chameleon after being frustrated at poor user onboarding, and feeling required to speak with sales before we could start using new products.

As engineers, we want to solve the hardest problems, and apply our creativity to design beautiful software. It's tedious to build and maintain tooltips, or banners, so we built Chameleon to let the product people handle that independently, while letting engineers focus on the core value proposition a product provides.

This approach has resonated and we now have a great product, happy customers, and traction.

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails engineer who thrives in a startup environment, is passionate about building great software, and enjoys a wide variety of problems.

Why now is a great time to join Chameleon! 🦎