User Experience & Digital Transformation Specialist

<aside> 🚀 Aiming to challenge myself with Innovative teams and projects to create meaningful, conversational, human experiences, Products that make impact and users better version of themselves.



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📍 Independent Senior Consultant +8 years, with demonstrated skills in UX/CX, Qualitative Research, B2B, Product Life Cycle Management/Strategy, Innovation, Digital transformation and Service Design

💡 My track record includes improving UX processes, Conducting Research, creating Most Valuable Product and go-to-market strategies/prototype, analysing business ecosystems, helping team to be more agile and optimizing product backlog, changing design approaches

🎯 I perceive my work as bringing Design Solutions involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process

Case study

Phiture - How to Improve a B2B product

`Contractor for agencies

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Each client, its innovative solution

<aside> 🎯 Spectrum of the BtoB, Saas, Tech, Audio/Music Tech, Supply Chain, Construction Engineering and Material, Fintech, Energy/Green, Education, Automotive, Gov, Media, Mobility, Infrastructure & Transportation, Marketplace/E-commerce, Health, industries


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