Integrate every new vendor or third-party API through EBL.

EBL gives you the power and complete control over integration by saving hundreds of man-hours for any API integration, deployment, and maintenance. Also, with this, you get the upper hand on switching between multiple vendors and routing traffic as per your need.

For example:

You have an SMS or Email vendor for sending out notifications, all you have to do is send the data to EBL and we will trigger the API of your SMS or EMail vendor.

All this in just a few simple steps:

  1. For any event send data to EBL using the webhook endpoint that you create in your account.
  2. Based on the data received on EBL you can categorize what action has to be taken and which API has to be triggered.

It is a simple: If this do that, If that do this kind of automation.

Companies already using such methods with us have saved a lot of money and time by handing over third-party operations to EBL.