Sofa uses iCloud to sync all lists, items, and activity between your devices. This requires you to be logged in to the same iCloud account on those devices.


Due to the nature of online storage systems, from time to time syncing issues can occur. Problems include lists and items not syncing, or devices becoming out of sync, etc. We suggest trying the following:

1. Is iCloud working on Apple’s side?

Check Apple’s System Status page, for the status of either iCloud Backup or iCloud Drive.

2. Update the OS and app

iCloud works nicely, but there are annoying cases where it just fails. We suggest in general that you update the operating system and Sofa on all your devices.

3. Set the time automatically on all your devices

iOS: Settings → General → Date & Time → Set Automatically

4. Check that Sofa is enabled in the iCloud settings

5. Common fixes

If none of these steps resolve your issue, please reach out for further support: