What is this program?

The Apprentice Program is an opt-in program, that takes place over 3 seasons, to let Research Guild (RG) members upskill their knowledge while also letting role holders offload their responsibilities and build a bench of individuals to take on future responsibilities. (continuity)

<aside> ❗ Imagine this: The RG Coordinator suddenly has to drop his/her responsibilities due to a personal crisis. If the Coordinator had not trained anyone in their tasks, what then?


How does the program work?

In a traditional centralized structure, a management figurehead may select someone to be their replacement or trainee. In the spirit of decentralization, this program is open for anyone to participate, as long as they have demonstrated some degree of involvement in the guild, such as:

Insert Active Member Role Description

Insert Learner Role

Insert Practitioner Role

Main Roles

Buddy Sytem

Program Tracks

Member Care

South Wind

East Wind

Guild Care

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