A tool for deep query analytics, helping Indexers properly manage and scale infrastructure according to traffic and expected query volume.


Indexers operate Graph Nodes, indexing on-chain data and processing queries for dapps (Consumers). The indexing work is a heavy task and query time and performance are paramount for Indexers to meet dapp needs.

Graph Node logs information about each GraphQL query it executes. The Graph community is in need of a Query Analytics Pipeline tool that will help Indexers assess query patterns and optimize their infrastructure. The analytics pipeline should ingest these logs and summarize and present the data to provide deeper insight into the usage and performance of an indexer's infrastructure.

RFP Requirements:

Proposal to design and build an analytics pipelining tool, ingesting data from existing services (such as graph-node) and qlog (https://github.com/graphprotocol/qlog/), which may serve as baseline.