Hi, I'm Arth (pronounced like Earth without the E). I'm originally from Mumbai and am currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences with a focus on deep learning. I last worked at DeepMap as a SWE Intern on the Alignment team.

My current research is focused on human-robot interaction at the VeHICal group. You can find my first co-authored publication on scoring the credibility of perception modules in autonomous vehicles here.

I'm currently looking for full-time positions as a Machine Learning Research Scientist/ Engineer. You can read more about how I'm working towards this goal here.

In the past I've helped develop algorithms that can detect deepfakes, worked with the Indian government on setting up autonomous drones to delivery medicines in rural areas, created deep learning models to detect heart disease at UCSF, and conducted research on using technology to help kirana store owners become sustainable entrepreneurs.

Diving into the questions listed above is a process of encountering one learning curve after another, some significantly steeper than others. I've always found writing to be a way of helping me achieve clarity of thought while learning something new, so I try and break down technical concepts as I come across them here.

If something you see on this page interests you, feel free to reach out to me on email at arthvid@berkeley.edu 🚀

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