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We're building the future of knowledge work by reimagining the command line interface for the 98% of us who aren't software engineers.

Email is the central hub where work happens, but getting work done means switching among different tools. What if the data and actions in all of your tools were available everywhere you work? We're building an OS meta-layer that uses context clues to infer what you want to do, automating data flows among the most frequently used software tools, that anyone can use as quickly as they can touch-type.

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You can make computers do things. We need your help with our React projects.

Software engineers like you are the fortunate few who tell machines what to do. It's rarely easy, enjoyable, or reliable, and you've got superpower grit to hack together things that mostly work. You've been wrestling with computers long enough to know this work isn't for everyone, and that skills like yours are world changing for the right team.

You could build another feature-free CRUD toy that shoves ads in front of users to sell their private information to hedge funds. There are thousands of engineering organizations large and small who will ask you to work long hours while watching the features that excite power users like you get iceboxed again and again in service of development velocity shipping common denominator crap faster and faster and faster. You suffered the brutal learning curve in class, tutorials, and the trenches. It's completely up to you how you'll apply your precious talents.

We're building a different kind of company that invests its precious resources in building a refined, powerful, and accessible product for knowledge workers who want to do something more meaningful than shuttle data among screens on their computers. Here, you'll work directly with the two of us to figure out the future of knowledge work, borrowing heavily from the best features of software engineering while inventing an entirely new way for everyday people to feel like superheroes using their computers.

As you can guess from our vagueness, we haven't announced to the world what we're building yet. We hope that's part of what makes it so exciting for you— a rare opportunity to author the future from before the beginning of the story everyone will eventually know. Plus, with the backing of by some of the world's best investors, you get the chance to create something brand new without making the crazy sacrifices our world usually demands from artists working on the cutting edge of possibility.

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