<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: Notion’s Chief Product Officer Madhu Muthukumar updates this template weekly to build trust and encourage cross-functional collaboration. Use it to inform your entire org on new product updates and what to look out for.


What’s shipping 🌟

Notion Tip: Use this space to announce features and releases that impact cross-functional stakeholders in your organization like sales or customer support. Avoid listing out every single bug or feature the team worked on.

For team members who want to learn more about a specific release, you can link inline to existing Notion pages by typing @[page title]. Sharing those additional details like project timelines, statuses, and DRIs helps build transparency and create an environment that encourages knowledge sharing.

Announcements 📣

Notion Tip: This is a good place to announce upcoming large features, status updates, or even significant delays are good ones to call out. Reference other Notion pages to provide more context on these announcements like the examples below.

FYI’s 📌

Notion Tip: The space below should be used for highlighting important team processes or org changes that may have been missed. Don’t forget to link to relevant docs that help drive clarity around why those decisions were made.

Launch calendar

Notion Tip: Embed a calendar view of the product roadmap directly in your weekly product update so cross-functional teams can see for themselves when a feature is shipping. Link your launch calendar by typing /linked learn more about linked databases here.

↓ Click Launch calendar to create and see other views. Filter by project status, team and more!