Solid NFT offers high-quality and durable NFT prints. This quality was made possible thanks to our experience with traditionnal artists and galleries that combines :

Sublimation is the perfect choice for printing NFTs as it offers high quality and super durability that no other process can achieve. This method is usually used for road panels that can remain for years in extreme environments (freeze, rain, UV). It will then match the durability of your decentralized and secured NFT.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to meet the demand of any NFT that will provide an unmatched, vibrant image reproduction. The 3D depth of the image provide by this substrate is fade resistant and delivers an exceptional detail and colour resolution on the work displayed.

All formats are accepted within the maximum limit of 120x240 cm (The biggest format in France). We can also arrange sizes and forms cutting according to your needs (square, circle, star...) We also provide certification in the blockchain for every print we are making. Polygon-based, your print will have a unique and publicly available certification that you will receive.

Bored Apes with our sublimation Press

Bored Apes with our sublimation Press