You can help Golden as it grows every day by adding new Topics.

Click Create Topic

You will find the 'Create Topic' button in the Navigation Bar on almost every page of Golden. Clicking this will launch the topic creation workflow.

Type the name of the topic

Once you start typing the name of the topic, existing topics will appear in order to help you avoid generating topics with the same or synonymous titles. In the example below, Ginkgo Bioworks was already in the system and the user clicked the topic link to go directly into edit mode for the topic.

Take a look at the topic title policy to make sure your new topic name follows Golden conventions.

Creating a topic that does not exist

If the topic doesn't exist, hit Enter or the 'Next' button

You will be automatically redirected to the new topic page and will be placed in edit mode. Here you can begin adding text to the article, an image for the topic, or even structured information in the Infoboxes.

Publishing a topic

To publish a topic, you will see a blue 'Publish' button in the top right hand corner of the edit mode screen.

Make sure to upload a thumbnail and a description in the initial version so that the page can be disambiguated from other potential pages with similar names.

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