HI ALL! I'm a huge fan of Pilates, and I'm plugging my favorite instructors below for accessible WFH mat sessions. Their class schedules and payment options are on their IG

  1. Sarah Ghiraldi, @teamfitnessaccount. Sarah and her partner Chris do workouts 2-3x a day, ranging from HIIT Pilates to Yoga to bodyweight exercises. I can confidently vouch that her HIIT Pilates class will add an extra burn with her cardio sets. (45 min, donation-based, IG Live)
  2. Sam Miles, @masmiles. She’s a super chill + experienced Pilates instructor, and her classes are always trustworthy to take. (45 min, donation-based, DM for Zoom link)
  3. Katelyn Silverwatch, @ katelyn_pilates. She has a calming and soothing teaching style, but that doesn't necessarily mean easy. She also does pre-natal and stretch classes. (30 min, donation-based, DM for private YT links)
  4. Good Pilates. Founded by former Clara Baini. She’s really solid, and she’s also a trained physical therapist. This studio is offering a recurring flat rate of four sessions on demand per week. (30 min, $20 per week, $6 per live stream class, link is in bio)
  5. Cassandra Cotta, @pilatesppl / @cassandra.cotta. She's always in tune with the mind-body connection, and very focused on adjustments/modifications. Based on the package you choose, she's offering two to four sessions on demand per week for a flat rate. IMO, this is a great deal for the price. Right now it's 50% until April 1st. (30 min, $10-20 for 8 classes per month, $17-35 for 16 classes per month, link is in bio)
  6. Adriana Sofia, @adriana_sofa. She's an avid runner + Pilates instructor. She tends to take an athletic approach to her Pilates, so you'll def be getting that tone (60 min, IG Live)
  7. Rachel Cohen, @ rach_co. I love her bubbly / friendly /approachable personality. She also takes movement requests if you want to do something in particular ($15 per class, DM for Zoom link)
  8. Dana Levit, @ dana_levit. She's totally about carving an hour for self-care and creating a community. She also has a really friendly approach to her teaching style. ($15 per class, DM for Zoom link)