Notes design team values:

How to define your team values:

Discovering your UX team's core values - InVision Blog

Design Leadership Handbook-from DesignBetter.Co

It is a unique discipline with its own set of values.

And those values are important. They will shape your culture, hiring decisions, team member evaluations, productivity, and ultimately the happiness of each person on your team. As a design leader, you should work with your team to define the core values that will shape your culture and establish a motivational foundation for the work you do. When there’s buy-in from everybody, teams operate more cohesively.

This process will help you identify your team’s values:

  1. Seed the conversation. Before getting the team together, gather values from other design teams and jot down a few notes about the values you’d like to see your team consider. This sample team values doc will give you and your team a starting point for your discussion and help you understand how values affect your work.
  2. Gather your team and share your thoughts with them. Have each team member write down 5 values on sticky notes privately, then post them on the wall for discussion.
  3. Let each team member explain the values they identified.
  4. Group common values on the wall to narrow your options and identify trends.
  5. After discussion, give each team member 5 small dot stickers to cast their votes for the values they feel best represent the team.
  6. Further discussion may be required to trim the list to the essentials. Once you have a final list, create a shared document with a detailed description of each value.