Key points

You're not alone...

Each community will have different circumstances, but remember that you're not alone in this battle to solve the climate crisis. There will always be others in your community who want to help!

Community involvement in BID

  1. The Town of Banff: our municipality is one of the first stakeholders we reached out to and has provided us with feedback as well as funding.
  2. The Bear Minimum: a local organization on a mission to promote a zero-waste lifestyle and help eliminate single-use plastics. Connecting with them has helped us tap into an awesome community of people, and many of them signed up to become a volunteer!
  3. 60+ volunteers: we were able to get 60+ volunteers signed up for our project just by making a few posts on community Facebook groups.
  4. 6 core members: while getting volunteers to sign up, I left the door open for keen individuals to become more involved in the project. Sure enough, we had some interest! Having a handful of people who have an in-depth understanding is important, especially when thinking about the longevity of the project.

How to involve the community?

So we were able to get a lot of people involved in our project—but how exactly did we get this much interest? We used the power of social media marketing.

<aside> ℹ️ Go to STEP #10: Use social media to see how we used social media!