Chin’s experience with mind mappers:

  1. Mind Manager - this it the mindmapper I got introduced to while in Thailand in 2003.
  2. TheBrain - this has withstood the test of time. Just look at my autobiography: - haven’t stopped updating it since 2010 whenever something significant happens or comes into my life. The iPadOS app is not maturing. While it doesn’t have all the features of the desktop apps, it is acceptable to keep maintaining my online brain.
    1. I have rapport with Jerry - he is the owner of the world’s biggest online brain. He runs a pseudo-think tank - his brain is worth exploring.
  3. XMind - best free solution out there. I can make mindmaps on my ‣ and that’s all that matters 🙂
  4. Simplemind - I seem to recall using it and it clearly didn’t stick. If you end up trying it, be sure to edit this block with your experience.
  5. Coggle - very promising in that you could collaborate on the same mindmap like you can on a Google Doc (or ‣) - awkward interface. It’s noteworthy but I stopped using it. I just want Google to officially release a new document/mindmap type and do away with the 3rd party
  6. Rizzoma - an attempt to keep Google Wave alive (after Google killed the project) and reinvent how we communicate/collaborate. It was meant to be the successor to gmail and Google Docs rolled up into one tool. Rizzoma added a key component, to track tasks. it is a bit of a stretch to call this tool a “mindmapper” - but if you look at their marketing materials, they do have a goal to help you visualize a map of your converastions.
  7. Miro - Miro is absolutely in a class of its own. It is an Apple Pencil/iPad first app so mindmapping in this tool is closer to what Tony Buzan envisions -it’s more freeform and not as “mechanical” as most mapping programs listed above. I personally haven’t gotten into the habit of using it yet because (1) it doesn’t support offline mode (2) i tend to think in terms of discrete outlines so organizing data the Notion way works better for me. I am sure this will shift over time and there is a YouTuber that absolutely raves about Miro because it shifts the landscape as to what a “notetaking app” can be...