The WAX Protocol is a DPoS blockchain designed to scale in conjunction with a microservice layer that provides specialized infrastructure for building digital goods marketplaces. The knowledge required to construct interconnected and highly sophisticated marketplace services comes from the team’s 20+ years’ experience building digital goods businesses, including the hugely successful The WAX Platform is the combination of both the WAX Protocol and a microservice layer.

The Office of Inspector General is a neutral third-party role designed to evaluate WAX Guild Candidates’ contribution to the ecosystem and provide ongoing transparency for the community. The Office of Inspector General (IG) is designed as as committee with 3 members who will standardize WAX Guild evaluations, and properly recognize those WAX Guilds making valuable contributions to the WAX ecosystem.

Active Inspector Generals

The current serving Inspector Generals are:

Retired Inspector Generals

The retired inspector generals that have served their term are:

Evaluation Process

Versioned Guidelines

Evaluation Process