⚠️ This documentation is under development and is currently being migrated to www.nominalsys.com. If you have any questions, anything is unclear or need help, please reach out on support@nominalsys.com.

Welcome to the documentation for NominalEditor - digital twin development sandbox.

This document contains an installation guide, tutorials and system documentation related to Nominal Editor.

How to Download Nominal Editor

Download Nominal Editor

Installation Guide

Click here to find out how to install Nominal Editor.

Installation Guide

User Guide and Tutorials

Looking to get started with Nominal Editor? This page contains user tutorials, manuals and example cases for users to learn how to use Nominal Editor.

User Guide

System Guide

The following documentation contains information relating to Nominal Editor premade component templates, functions and variables related to customising satellite simulations.

Component Documentation

Message Definition

Support Functions

This following page contains documentation of the system simulation architecture.

System Guide