Why bootstrap a token?

Putting your token on the market is an exciting challenge. The price isn’t discovered yet and many actors are trying to profit from early volatility. To lead a good launch, a liquidity bootstrapping event is a great choice to fill up a liquidity pool before trading begins. The pool is locked for the duration of the bootstrap to fill up with enough tokens first. This allows people on the market to make up their minds and helps the market coordinate the initial price.

Bootstrapping your token on Mangata is an excellent opportunity to engage your and our community!

If you are considering a bootstrap, Contact the team to get direct consulting on your questions.

Advantages of Bootstrapping on Mangata

In order to get your Web3 project out there, your token needs to get in the hands of as many people as possible to use it. You need exposure to the ecosystem. Mangata is here to enable this.

Mangata is a permissionless DEX for Polkadot and Kusama that focuses on just one thing: Providing the best trading experience in Dotsama. We are building an informed and engaged community that is willing to get in early on promising projects. We offer gasless swaps, prevent front-running, and don’t allow smart contracts on our parachain to ensure an easy and secure trading experience. We are partnering with innovative Web3 projects like OAK network to provide automated exposure and interconnectivity with other parachains for your project. Additionally, we have incentivization options for liquidity providers of tokens from more dedicated partnerships.

How does a bootstrap at Mangata work?

In general, creating liquidity pools on Mangata is permissionless. But to support new tokens in their price discovery, we can engage them in a liquidity bootstrap first.

A liquidity bootstrap is an event in which a liquidity pool gets filled up with tokens for a fixed period before trading is allowed. Mangata offers a single-sided provision of tokens so that they can be provisioned from both sides without any restrictions.

Additionally to this public phase, you have the option of using a whitelisted phase ahead of the public phase if you suspect that there is too much interest in your token and you want to make sure a list of early supporters gets a chance to acquire liquidity with a guaranteed minimum ratio.

Parameters you need to decide

Things you need to bring