This morning I talked to Kaspar König. Kaspar's function at ZHdK is «Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter Nachhaltigkeit». I knew him from an input he gave us in the Soft Architecture course in our second year, from the Nachhaltigkeitswoche and his mentorate of Marcial's bachelor thesis. I was excited to hear his thoughts on the topic of mycology.

Kaspar was just as excited to talk about fungi as I was. We engaged in a vivid exchange of references and ideas. He shared some of the mushroom related projects he was working on. Tomorrow I will attend his presentation of the «Biologisch Abbaubare Maske», the design of which relies on fungi. On the roof terrace of Toni Areal, Kaspar is running a mushroom garden until July. He encouraged me to participate by placing spawn in the garden.

Then I shared my motivations and the experiments I had done so far, as well as my interest in both mycology and electronics, sound synthesis. Kaspar shared some project ideas and we discussed them. They reached from establishing a new gold standard in crypto coin by surveying global fungal biomass, to experimenting with the problem solving skills of different species in labyrinths.

I am very grateful for all the inspiration Kaspar offered me in this conversation. He offered his support and even proposed to mentor my thesis.