Why we're here

The Web is changing. For the first time in 30 years, taking on user data has become a liability. Developers have to choose between building great products and keeping their users safe: taking on user data means putting your users and your product at risk.

Web3 presents a unique opportunity to reshape the internet and Privy provides the tools for developers to build more powerful applications, while doing right by their users, from sign up to sign out. Companies that use Privy do not see talking about data as a lose-lose proposition – they are embracing the opportunity to look their users in the eye and build a better internet.

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What we're looking for

We want to work with hungry, talented individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and bringing with them unique perspectives. We value nuance and rigor and find value in having one foot in the world of Web2—its emphasis on user experience, good interfaces and great performance—and another in Web3—its principles and its openness to embracing new ideas. We want to work with people excited by our mission and eager to do the best work of their careers.

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Privy Manifesto

About us

Our mission is to empower web3 developers to do right by their users and build a better internet. By providing the tools for developers to build more powerful applications, we can change the way user data is collected, stored, and leveraged in web3 — turning it from a liability to an asset. Because we believe great products must be built responsibly and transparently, with Privy, users always retain control of their own data.

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Why you should join us

🛠️ Building future-proof privacy infrastructure is full time work. Come join us.

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Software Engineer - Applied Cryptography

Software Engineer - Backend & Infra

Software Engineer - Fullstack

Software Engineer - Frontend

Software Engineer - Product and Community

Product Design Lead

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