Greetings and welcome to our writing circle! My name is Cristal and I'm the Graduate Assistant for the Writing Center at St. Mary's University. I have worked as a writing tutor for the last six years and I love empowering students through their writing. I was inspired to start Scribble Society by the students of St. Mary's who sought to relieve stress, express their creativity, and sharpen their writing skills. This semester our circle has a project that will fulfill all those needs! Writers of all expertise levels from the St. Mary's community are welcome to the group. 🙂

COVID-19 Archive Writing Project

We have an exciting opportunity to publish our writing to the COVID-19 Archive! (We'll have our own special section on the site similar to this one!) You will have the creative freedom to write about your pandemic experience in a format of your choosing (fiction, non-fiction, journal entries, short essays, poems, etc.). Attendance to our meetings is not mandatory to participate! The only requirement is that you provide feedback to your peers on their submissions. We will all be sharing our writing in a Google Drive. To get started click on Instructions down below. If you have any questions, please email me at


<aside> 💜 4/14 We are very close to publishing our first items on the COVID-19 Archive. We'll meet next week to start working on the submission process, then take a break for finals.



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