<aside> 💡 In order to create automations, you will need an active Zapier subscription. For more information on pricing, click here: https://zapier.com/pricing


Welcome to our Automation with Zapier page! Here you should find everything you need to get started and set up your first Zaps!

📹 Intro Video


🏁 Getting Started

Connecting Bowimi

Step 1 - in Bowimi

Add zapier@bowimi.com as a user to your Bowimi account and give it ‘View Activity’ & ‘View Location Contacts’ permissions.

We recommend creating a role called “Zapier” and assigning this role to the user when you create it.

Step 2 - in Bowimi

Go to www.dashboard.bowimi.com/zapier to generate an API Key and click “Copy API Key”.

Step 3 - in Zapier

When connecting your Zapier account to Bowimi, you’ll see this page: