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Hey there 👋, we are building the API infrastructure for developers at the stock market.

Setting out to change the way brokerage is distributed, we want to do this with outstanding people joining our cause. Beginnings are special, so build with us and shape the next 🦄 in the making.

Therefore, one of our core beliefs is that work should not be a simple transaction between time and money, but rather an opportunity to learn, grow and create as a person and a professional. Combined with incentivizing you to do so for the short term (cash) and the long term (stock options).

If you want to get onboard of this 🚀 and build technology to democratize the brokerage industry with us. We would love to hear from you!

About is a brokerage API for developers at the stock market.

With you can program your own trading algorithms, bots or applications at the stock market and execute them against our REST-API. If you want to get a deeper understanding or get started yourself: Check out our docs.

2020 was all about laying the foundation for and at Simultaneously, we got more than 600 developers hooked on our first prototype: the sandbox environment with paper trading + real-time & historical market data.

2021 will be about building the first version of our live brokerage product. This means we are starting to build a (tech) brokerage from scratch, together with important partners providing services in regulation and compliance for our customers. Still, the clear focus will remain on technology to support the use cases and grow the community evolving around the API. While all of this is happening on a day-to-day schedule, we are never forgetting our long-term mission and vision.


<aside> ⭐ Enable every developer to create investing and trading experiences at the stock market.



<aside> 🦄 Embedded brokerage experiences in every context, built by developers and consumed by everyone.



For us, culture at is an ongoing process, we will experience together. Everybody joining us still reflects double digit-team growth, meaning every new hire dramatically changes the team dynamic (for good).

So far, we did not come up with a satisfying definition for our culture at, yet. We don't want to bore you with empty and superficial chit-chat about important values and/or important characteristics. Instead, we want to encourage the opportunity for you to actively shape our culture with your insights, ideas and the special abilities you bring along as a person.

Although it is clear to us, that an important part of this culture will derive from ownership, hence we are going to make everybody a small owner of as well, to make decision with long-term time horizon.

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