<aside> 💡 Producers can use Venue's teleport feature to move attendees individually to other areas of the event while the event is live in a different area. This is particularly useful if you want to pull a speaker into a stage hidden from the audience to perform a cam / mic test.


<aside> 💡 Today, you can only teleport attendees one at a time. In the future, we plan on implementing tags that will allow you to teleport groups of attendees more easily.


<aside> 💡 Today, we only support teleporting between Main stage and Breakout Sessions. We plan on supporting more formats in the future.



Producers have access to use teleport which is a feature inside the speaker queue.

To use teleport:

  1. As a producer, move to the area you would like to teleport your attendee to (e.g. Main Stage or Breakout Room). You can only teleport attendees to rooms with stages, namely, main stage and breakout rooms.
  2. Open up the Speaker Queue and add that attendee to the queue. The attendee will be marked as "Elsewhere" in the speaker queue which means they are in a different area of the event.
  3. Click on the menu (the button with 3 vertical dots) on the top right of their speaker queue component and click "Move attendee to this room"
  4. When you click "Move attendee to this room", attendee will be teleported to your room and appear in the audience row. Please note: the attendee will immediate go through a cam/mic check to join the speaker queue of that room and get ready to go on stage.
  5. Once you are finished with the attendee in that room, you must remember to push them back to the live segment. Otherwise, the attendee that was teleported will stay in that area even if the audience moves to another live segment (networking, breakout sessions, main stage, etc.). You can do this by adding the attendee to the speaker queue, clicking on other options, and clicking "Move back to live segment".