I could talk my self up all day if you want, which - who wants that...ever?

So you could check in with these people to hear what they have to say about my work and anything else you would like to know.

Haig Armen

<aside> 💡 Haig was my teacher at Emily Carr University and is the head of the Interaction Design department there. He has helped me launch my career in Interaction design and also shares many of my musical interests as he is an accomplished jazz guitarist.




Anthony Hempell

Antenna Consulting

<aside> 💡 Anthony runs Antenna Consulting, a force in UX in Vancouver BC . He has hired me for multiple projects and continues to pitch me for all types of things he's working on. He's super on the ball, communicative and never leaves me hanging which I really appreciate



Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee

<aside> 💡 Nancy is a media artist and cultural producer that has hired me for numerous projects from designing and building the website for her latest artist residency to helping with production on her VR works. We also helped found a music foundation Chapel Sound and have put on multiple events and will be distributing artist grants this year.



Alex Beim

Tangible Interaction

<aside> 💡 Alex owns and runs Tangible interaction, an interactive design agency that does large scale installations for big companies all over the world. I was lucky to collaborate with him and his team on Surroundings which we exhibited twice in 2019.