Blender is a free software that focuses primarily on 3D production, but also has an inbuilt 2D animation tool called grease pencil. It allows you to seamlessly animate in frames, while still using the 3D viewport and other rendering tools that Blender has to offer. This gives you the ability to merge 2D drawings with 3D objects, work with tricky perspectives, animate a camera through your 2D work, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Module Work

Follow the process in this video and create a similar simple animation in your own style. Choose an action that you are comfortable doing and use any references you might find helpful. If you want to explore a bit more, the project file for this example animation can be downloaded for free here.

Don't Get Stuck!

Remember if you're getting stuck it usually means you're approaching something too big too fast. If you dive directly into creating from your imagination it might be too hard! Make it easy for yourself by initially copying directly from references or other people's work. It's a fast and simple way of jumping right into the process and getting satisfying results!

It's Okay if it Sucks!

Don't be shy to submit your work. We only look at people's ability to progress, not just their current skills. If we see you making the effort, that's what matters the most to us!