What is Grain?

Check out the "What is Grain?" page linked here and then come back here to get started.

What is Grain?

With Zoom

After your Grain onboarding and authorization, it's simple to log in with Zoom to connect Grain.

Click on the Sign in with Zoom button and follow the instructions:


Using Grain During a Zoom Meeting

After Zoom has been connected to your Grain account, you'll be able to to take live notes that are synced to a time stamp. To activate the Grain note taking module, you'll need to record the meeting:


After you've clicked record, you'll be able to take notes that are time stamped to the recording, allowing you to easily find that clip later:


There is also a set of reactions at the bottom of the module that can be clicked to automatically create a video clip highlight. These can be customized in your account settings here.


To customize your reactions, open the Grain menu and click on "Edit Reactions":


Creating Video Highlight Clips from Your Zoom Call

After your video call has ended, you'll automatically be redirected to Grain to view:

  1. The recording of your video call