Welcome to the homepage for The Singapore Club (TSC), the most popular Clubhouse community for all people who love Singapore. Talk about any topic under the very hot sun, including social issues, trends, pop culture, and more!

As a community club, we wish to empower members to start rooms for other members and followers. If you want to start a room under The Singapore Club that's open to the rest of the Clubhouse community, you can DM Rovik on Instagram (@rovikthewanderer) or email him at rovikjeremiah@gmail.com. You can also reach out to any of the other admins if you've collaborated with them before.

📒Club Rules

We care about our community and so have spent the time to craft Club Rules that can enable better conversations. Members who do not keep to the Club Rules will be removed from the club. As long as you keep to Clubhouse's Community Guidelines and our Club Rules, you are free to explore the range of your creativity and interests in starting and participating in community rooms. The latest Club Rules can be found on the Club page on the app. Broadly, these are:

  1. Create space for diversity
  2. Create rooms for conversations, not marketing
  3. Create value for others

🤝Collaborate with other Members

You may want to co-host or co-mod a room with other TSC members on some big conversations. Feel free to reach out to connect with them and plan something for the community. We encourage you to schedule it on the calendar and add TSC as a host club - you can also make any of the admins a co-host if it benefits your intent. For a running list of club topics that members have raised, you can look at the Airtable below. Feel free to add your own ideas and reach out to others on the list:

Airtable private link

Password is clubhouseoffline

✏️Room Notes

We don't want to miss out on insights that are shared in some of these rooms. If you are hosting a room, create an accompanying collaborative document that audience members can access to collate notes, ask questions and provide feedback. If you would like to make the notes publicly accessible for the club, do pass the link to Rovik and he will collate them here. The template can be accessed from below:


Past Room Notes

🌃The Singaporean Club Network

TSC is an affiliate club within the Singaporean Clubs network. We share best practices and norms on moderating and running rooms to make it beneficial and enjoyable for community members. The full list of clubs in the network include:

  1. The Singapore Club